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Video Games

We at Serenico Labs develop video games for all platforms – mobile, pc, web, and consoles. A game of any scope and complexity can be built and delivered by our expert team. 

  • Great Design
  • Built for a high life time value
  • Easily Marketable

Games for branding and campaigns

We at Serenico Labs build games for brands, agencies, non-profits, and campaigns to better engage with diverse stakeholder groups and effectively achieve key engagement metrics.


  • Reach out to a much larger audience
  • Keep consumers engaged and grow your brand
  • Leave a lasting impression

We at Serenico Labs bring a rich experience of building 3d content with various reality domains including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences, along with a hybrid extended reality experience.


  • Train workforce in an interactive way
  • Educational solutions for better learning
  • Rich content for entertainment

Companies who trust us

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key features

 Team as seen in:


Top Grade Work

We at Serenico Labs bring a rich, award-winning experience of years of game development and leveraging interactive media to build end to end solutions for all your needs.
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